Young Scientific Talents

The Young Scientific Talents program aims to improve STEM learning, which takes place in secondary and high schools, by providing a broader and more comprehensive science education to young people.

We are committed to the capabilities and talent of professionals in the agri-food sector as well as predoctoral and postdoctoral researchers from Catalan universities and/or research centres, with the formation of a team actively linked to the participating educational centres.​

The objectives of the program are: to awaken and consolidate scientific and technological vocations; to stimulate young people’s interest in pursuing studies linked to agri-food sciences (especially in agricultural schools) in order to ensure the generational relay to the sector; to improve students’ knowledge of specific areas STEM linked to agri-food sciences; to show what the scientific method is and how it is applied in research activities; to inform participating teachers and students about technological innovations in the field of agri-food sciences; and to train researchers and professionals in the agri-food sector in strategies to arouse students’ interest, design and plan hands-on activities and STEM project work.

This academic year 2023-2024 we are launching the first edition in five schools in the regions of La Noguera, Pallars-Jussà and Pallars-Sobirà.


Belén López


Programme supported by the Ministry of Climate Action, Food and the Rural Agenda.