State of Science in Catalonia

State of Science in Catalonia

This is a biennial report born out of the need to have up-to-date data on Catalan research and innovation and to analyse its results systematically and in a European context.

Based on the main data provided by the different actors in the research and innovation system, the report sheds light on the state of the Catalan research, highlights its strengths and areas for improvement, and allows us to assess its evolution over time.

The report is primarily aimed at all citizens of Catalonia, as we believe that research and innovation are one of the pillars for the future well-being of society and are therefore of interest to all. Secondarily, we hope it will be particularly useful for the public involved in the research and innovation ecosystem (researchers, academics, entrepreneurs, intermediaries, etc.) as well as for analysts and policy makers.


Dolors López


This report is supported by the Ministry of Research and Universities of the Government of Catalonia.