Coffee with Science

The “Coffee with Research” Programme, organised by the FCRI, is a meeting point for research institutions, companies and investors to find possible avenues for collaboration. Designed as an area of intersection between researchers, universities, research groups and SMEs with innovative potential, it encourages and promotes public-private collaboration. 

The aim of the “Coffee with Research” is to point out points of interest between the research lines and the objectives of companies in order to create synergies and to develop new ways of working together.

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FCRI organises these meetings to build bridges between the research system and the business fabric.

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These face-to-face or virtual meetings have an open discussion format and are mainly aimed at companies from any sector basing their innovation model on applied research. The 60-minute meetings are being promoted or driven by different organisations.

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We collaborate with the IberCaja Foundation and the Catalan Ministry of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda.

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