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What we do?

The Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation (FCRI), an independent entity founded in 1986, actively disseminates research and innovation throughout society. Our main goal is to cultivate scientific culture, encourage scientific-technical vocations, nurture public-private relationships, and foster entrepreneurship in this field.

FCRI stands out for its expertise in bridging the communication gap between knowledge-generating entities and society.

Our mission is to be a central player and a benchmark in strengthening R&D&I structures in Catalonia. We achieve this by formulating adaptable and concise proposals, particularly in scientific communication and dissemination. We focus on cultivating vocations and STEM training, as well as promoting the transfer and understanding between the scientific and business spheres, both public and private.

Our Areas

The Foundation operates in three key areas: Society and Education, Academia, and Public-Private Collaboration. In each sector, we implement various programs that cover a broad range of activities and projects.

Through our Society and Education initiatives, FCRI develops impactful proposals to heighten societal interest in knowledge, research, innovation, and technology. Concurrently, we nurture scientific-technical vocations and spark interest in the STEAM field within schools and institutes.

In the Academia area, FCRI acknowledges and showcases the work and impact of scientists and various contributors in the Catalan research system, highlighting Catalonia’s knowledge hub on the global stage.

Regarding Public-Private Collaboration, FCRI encourages interaction in research and innovation between both sectors. We facilitate the transfer of knowledge from research to business through collaborative projects, thereby stimulating entrepreneurship rooted in science.

Milió de persones

1,8 milion

people have taken part in 23 editions of Science Week.

56 investigadors

61 researchers

and 35 entities have received prizes in 32 editions of the Catalonian National Research Awards.

Prop de 5000 professors

5,500 teachers

have attended the editions of the science sessions and workshops.

90000 persones

Some 87,000 people

have participated in FCRI’s face-to-face and virtual activities.

100 investigadores

489 female researchers

from the public and private sector demanded the role of women in science at #100tífiques to 34,000 primary and secondary school students.

160.000 usuaris

Over 177,000 people

enjoy FCRI’s web, social media and online campaigns.

The board

Generalitat de Catalunya
Obra social La Caixa
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