Trenquem la bretxa de gènere a l’escola en les matèries STEAM!


Through the #100tífiques initiative, FCRI is on a mission to spotlight the pivotal role of women in science across our nation. Our goal is to champion the creation and dissemination of female figures and role models within the realms of science and engineering, fostering best practices that pave the way for gender equality in the sector.

We are calling for more women to dive into the world of science, to innovate, establish technology-driven companies, take the lead in research centres, and spearhead university chairs.

Beyond that, we are determined to shatter the stereotypes surrounding the intellectual capabilities of girls. These biases emerge early in childhood, steering them away from STEM disciplines—a trend that intensifies with age due to the challenges of striking a work-life balance and accessing the job market.

Our mission extends to nurturing scientific-technical aspirations among girls, inspiring them to carve out their own paths. Let us empower them to be the architects of their future.


Mireia Colom


#100tífiques is an initiative co-organized with the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST), with the collaboration of the Ministry of Education of the Government of Catalonia and different companies and organisations.