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The Foundation

- what do we do?

FCRi is a publicly funded, privately managed non-profit organisation founded in 1986. We act as an expert agent bridging the communication gap between those who generate knowledge and society at large, with a special focus on young people.

We promote and facilitate fluid and effective communication between society and the Catalan system of research and innovation and the productive fabric with the aim of increasing the interest of the public and businesses in science and technology.

What we do

Science and School

We promote an interest in science in schools and among young people, disseminating research to the citizenship and the productive fabric.

Science and Society

We disseminate research and innovation to society to promote scientific culture and scientific-technical vocations.

Ciència i empresa

Science and Business

We create spaces for communication among scientists and companies. We raise industry awareness on public-private cooperation. We foster entrepreneurship based on research and innovation.

Science and Data

 We monitor and study current science issues and future trends in R&D, contributing to the knowledge on the state of play in research and to the dissemination of its results.

The Board of Trustees, composed of both public and private employers, is the governing and administrative body of the FCRI. It represents and manages the organisation, assuming all the operations and functions necessary to achieve the foundation’s goals. Trustees serve on the board free of charge.

Born in Igualada on July 17, 1968.

She holds a degree in Law from the University of Barcelona with specialised training in International Trade (CCI) and a postgraduate degree in Talent Management in Organisations (IL3/UB).

She has developed her professional career as Export Director to the Middle East and Eastern European markets in companies in the paper sector. She has been Commercial Director of the paper sector, manager of the Unió Empresarial de Anoia; Executive Director of the Centre for Simulation and Innovation in Patient Safety 4D Health; 2nd Deputy Mayor and City Councillor for Economic Dynamisation, Trade and Tourism of Igualada City Council; Coordinator of the international project "3D Cities" of the URBACT programme; 1st deputy Mayor and City Councillor for Economic Dynamisation, Knowledge and International of the City Council of Igualada; Coordinator of the project "Retailink" of the URBACT programme; and General Director for Industry at the Government of Catalonia.

Director of R+D Lab at Telefónica

He has respective bachelor’s degrees in political science, international relations and sociology and a master’s in communications from Columbia University (New York). He has also completed a variety of executive training courses for business schools such as IESE, ESADE, and IMD.

In addition to his directorship at the R+D Lab at Telefónica, he is also global head of the area of Discovery within Telefónica Innovation, combining the institutional representation of Telefónica Innovation in Catalonia with his leadership in identifying, designing and creating future areas of work with a horizon of 3-5 years. In the past, he was responsible for innovation in the area of ​​emerging products, where he designed, implemented and led the Telefónica Digital Innovation Model (transforming the innovation management portfolio into an "intrapreneurship platform" for all Telefónica employees); the Design Thinking application; Lean Startup; and open innovation practices through a variety of projects in areas such as M2M, big data, privacy or eHealth, which have led to new global areas of business for Telefónica that are subsequently generating new sources of revenue for the company on the road to a digital business transformation.

In 2009 and 2010, he directed the User Driven Innovation Group Service in the Barcelona city centre. This group was a spin-off of the Product and Innovation Strategy Group of Telefónica R+D, which he had led up to 2009, and it meant incorporating talent in design thinking into the working methods for innovation in Telefónica, with new staff recruited from companies such as IDEO or Frog Design and a shift towards a much more multidisciplinary organisation.

Prior to that, he led the design and implementation of the reorganisation of the Telefónica R+D centre of Barcelona (almost 250 people), transforming it from a hierarchical and rigid structure into a flexible and dynamic organisation. This organisational model was then deployed throughout the Telefónica R+D organisation and was a key milestone in the cultural transformation of Telefónica R+D.

Before joining Telefónica and after holding several positions of responsibility in Internet start-ups, he joined the Ministry of the Presidency of the Government of Catalonia and designed its web 2.0 strategy.

Secretary of Universities and Research, Ministry of Business and Knowledge, Government of Catalonia.

Born in Lleida in 1958. He holds a PhD from the University of Barcelona (1986) and is Professor of Fluid Mechanics at Rovira i Virgili University.

Until now, he directed the URV Chair "University and Region of Knowledge", created by the Rovira i Virgili University and the Tarragona Provincial Council to promote the development of Southern Catalonia as a region of knowledge. He was also 1st vice-president of the Vives Network of Universities and deputy vice-president of the Vives Network, in addition to holding the presidency of the Estela Foundation for Disability.

He worked as a researcher at the Institute of Fluid Mechanics in Toulouse, at the NASA Turbulence Research Centre in Ames and at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University. His research focused on physics, mathematical modelling and control of heat transfer, matter and the amount of motion in equipment and industrial flows and also in the environment. In addition to being active in basic research in his field (he is the author of over 100 scientific papers and communications and has directed 12 doctoral theses), he has over 30 years experience in applied research and projects with industry.

He actively participated in the establishment of training programmes on scientific topics, aimed at the general public and particularly at children and young people. He was involved in the relations between university and society and between industry and society, as coordinator of Dow's Public Advisory Panel in Tarragona.

He was Rector of the Rovira i Virgili University between 2006 and 2014, during which time he led the Campus of International Excellence Southern Catalonia. He was a member of the Permanent Commission and first vice-president of the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE), president of the Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP) and president of the International Relations Commission of the Inter-University Council of Catalonia (CIC).

Between 2014 and 2016 he was Academic Director of the Global University Network for Innovation (GUNI), a network created by agreement between UNESCO, the United Nations University and the Catalan Association of Public Universities to strengthen the role of higher education in society.

Since July 2018, he is Secretary of Universities and Research of the Ministry for Business and Knowledge of the Government of Catalonia.


Corporate Director of Research and Strategy at "la Caixa" Banking Foundation.

He is a PhD in Economics at the Ramon Llull University and a Degree in Chemical Sciences at the University of Barcelona. He also holds a Diploma in Business Management from EADA-Business School.

He began his career in an environmental engineering, although early he joined Intermón OXFAM where he held various management positions, first coordinating the programmes in Latin America and later as an assistant to the CEO. Later, he joined Caixa Catalunya to run the Fundació Un Sol Món where he promoted microfinance programmes, labor insertion and social housing.

In 2010, he joined the "la Caixa" Foundation, combining functions of strategic development support with the position of manager of the ISGlobal Foundation.

In 2012 he was appointed Director of People and in 2014 he joined the Executive Committee of the "la Caixa" Bank Foundation.

Dr. Antoni Esteve Cruella (Barcelona, 1958). With a PhD in pharmacy from the University of Barcelona (UB) and having completed the PDD (Program of Management Development) in the IESE Business School, he has carried out extensive business activity in the Esteve pharmaceutical company, which he presided over from 2005 to 2012 and where he currently serves as chief executive officer. He is Chairman of the board of directors of Esteve Teijin Healthcare and vice president of the Farmaindustria Business Association.

He chaired the Fundació Catalana per a la Recerca i la Innovació (FCRi) from June 2012 to April 2019. He was Chairman of the ISDIN board of directors from 2012 to 2015; of the Blood and Tissue Bank (BST) of the Ministry of Health of the Government of Catalonia from 2003 to 2013; and of the Princess of Girona Foundation from 2009 to 2015.

He has also combined his business career with extensive experience in the fields of scientific training and communication, innovation and entrepreneurship. In the area of academia, he is a numerary member of the Royal Academy of Pharmacy of Catalonia, the Royal Academy of Medicine of Catalonia, and the Royal Academy of Doctors of Spain.

Director General of ENDESA Catalonia.

She holds a Bachelor and Master of Business Administration from ESADE.

Within ENDESA, she has occupied different posts in Catalonia across the areas of finance, strategic planning, and marketing.

Regional Director of Arco Mediterráneo, IberCaja Bank, S.A.

He joined IberCaja in 1993, developing his professional career exclusively through work in the network of offices. In 2006 he was named regional director of Catalonia, and since 2012 he has served as regional director of Arco Mediterráneo, overseeing operations in Catalonia, the Valencian Community, Murcia, Albacete, Almeria and the Balearic Islands.

Since 2018, he is the Executive Chairman of Naturgy.

He was born in 1963 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. He is married and has 5 children. He is an Industrial Engineer, Mechanics speciality, from the University of Barcelona, and has an MBA from the IESE Business school.

Previously he was Vicechairman and CEO of Abertis Infraestructuras Group, and chairman of Cellnex Telecom where he led its IPO in 2015.

Prior to his time at Abertis, he was General Manager of the industrial holding Criteria CaixaCorp, from whose position he led its IPO in October 2007.

He began his professional career in the automotive sector, first with the Volkswagen Group and then with Johnson Controls. Subsequently, he was General Manager of the Uniland Cemento.

He has also been a member of different Boards of Directors in several countries: Sanef, Eutelsat and Boursorama in France; Hispasat, Agbar and Adeslas in Spain; Arteris in Brazil, VíasChile in Chile; SC Enfida in Tunisia; Southern Cement in the UK; Cem. Avellaneda in Argentina.

Director General for Research, Ministry of Business and Knowledge, Government of Catalonia.

Born in Igualada in 1960. He holds a doctorate in Classical Philology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (1986) and is a professor at IES (1983-86) on leave of absence. In 1988 he joined the University of Barcelona as a professor of Latin Philology (Division VII) and later moved to the UAB, where he has been a professor of Latin Philology since 2002.

As the responsible researcher he has participated in more than thirty national and international projects and is the author of a bibliography of almost 300 references on Latin codicology and manuscripts of ecclesiastical computation, on Latin literature (especially poetry), on Latin epigraphy (in verse and inscriptions on mosaic), on Roman gastronomy, on the history of ideas, and on the history and anthropology of wine in antiquity. He conducted research in all these fields and passed five six-year research evaluations (from 1986 to 2015, the last one in force until 2021). He received the first "Distinction for the Promotion of University Research" from the Government of Catalonia in 2000 and in 2018 the Narcís Monturiol Medal for scientific and technological merit also from the Government of Catalonia.

He was vice-dean and dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the UAB and, at the same university, vice-rector of Doctorate and Continuing Education, vice-rector of Research, vice-rector of Economic Policy and Planning and acting rector. He was vice-president of the Consortium of University Libraries of Catalonia (CBUC, now under the CSUCA) and member of the plenary of the National Commission for the Evaluation of Research Activity (CNEAI).

He was secretary of the Catalan Association of Research Entities (ACER) and as a member of its Board of Directors, member of the Board of Trustees and of the Delegate Commission of the CERCA Institution. He was part of the working group of the "Knowledge Platform Territory Innovation" (CTI) and the drafting of the "Agenda for innovation and competitiveness of Catalonia 2015-2020" and was a member of the Apel Commission facilities of the Agency for Quality University System of Catalonia (AQU Catalunya). He directed the Catalan Institute of Classical Archaeology from October 2013 to July 2018.

Since July 2018, he is Director General for Research of the Ministry of Business and Knowledge of the Government of Catalonia.

Director of Innovation at the ACCIÓ Centre of Entrepreneurial Innovation for Business Competitiveness.

Degree in Biochemistry and Master's Degree in Business Administration and Management. Her professional career has been closely related to the management of research and innovation, occupying different responsibilities in scientific-technological organisations, especially in the field of life sciences. In the first stage, in the field of communication, projects and marketing in different companies such as IUCT, Vita Invest and the TSF and in a second stage, involved in the management of scientific projects and infrastructures as Scientific Officer in the Genomic Regulation Center (CRG). As a result of this relationship, since 2009, she is member of the board of directors of the Quantitative Medicine Genomic Laboratories, SL.

From 2008 to 2016 she was manager of the Technology Center for Nutrition and Health (CTNS) and secretary of the Board of Directors of the Association of Innovative Companies in Nutrition and Health (2014-2018). Since October 2016, when CTNS merged into Eurecat, the technology center of Catalonia, she was the manager in the province of Tarragona and Head of the Corporate Development Unit until her incorporation, in 2019, as Director of Innovation at ACCIÓ.

Director General of Food, Quality and Agri-food Industry, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food, of the Government of Catalonia.

He studied agricultural engineering, specializing in farming and agricultural engineering studies in the field of plant engineering at the Technical School of Agricultural Engineering of Lleida of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

He was also a technical research collaborator in the Department of Soil Science and Climatology of ETSEALL and, from 1981 to 1998, completed courses on land management, agricultural cooperatives, fruit cultivation, economics, accounting, and development, also participating in technical conferences and publishing research papers.

He worked in different international companies in the agricultural sector from 1986 to 2000 and founded a company dedicated to the production and sale of sweet fruit (1996-2017).

He served on the board of directors of the Catalan Radio and Television Corporation from 2000 to 2003.

From 2003 to 2012, he represented the constituency of Lleida as an MP of the Catalan Parliament, served as spokesman for the ERC parliamentary group in the Control Committee of the Catalan Audiovisual Media Corporation and for the Committee on Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries. He has also sponsored several laws, including legislation on the audiovisual sector of Catalonia and the law regulating the Institute on Agri-food Technological Research (IRTA), and was vice president of the parliamentary Commission of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries from 2006 to 2010.

He was assistant to the vice chancellor of the academic order of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and secretary of the President Josep Irla Foundation. His committee memberships include the Teaching Committee of ETSEALL, the Commission for the Evaluation and Selection of Professors and Researchers of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, the Commission of the Social Council of the University of Lleida, the Interuniversity Council of Catalonia, and the Governing Council of the University of Lleida, among others.

Director General of Research and Innovation in Health, Ministry of Health of the Government of Catalonia

Degree in Chemistry from the University of Barcelona (2003), Experimental Master in Sciences Pharmacist (2004), Doctor by the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Barcelona (2009) and Master in Project Management by La Salle-URL (2011).

He was promoter and manager of SINTEFARMA, an R&D and technology transfer centre with the University of Barcelona. from the University of Barcelona (2008-2011), and project manager at IBEC, Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (2011-2012). From the private sector, he also directed the following projects in the fields of health and biomedicine at Synapse Research Management Partners (2012-2014). From June 2018 to September 2019, he was the head of the cabinet of the Minister of Health of the Government of Catalonia. He was also an associate professor at the University of Barcelona (2008-2011) and co-author of several scientific articles. In the political field, he was Coordinator of the Parliamentary Group of Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (2017-2018). others.

Jordi Portabella holds a degree in Biology from the University of Barcelona (UB). He developed a long political career in both Catalan and local level, being a member of the Catalan Parliament from 1992 to 1999, and a member of the Barcelona City Council from 1999 to 2015, among other positions. He has also been responsible for Sustainability at the UNESCO Center in Barcelona and has served as director of the Research and Knowledge Area and director of the Scientific Disclosure Area and CosmoCaixa of the "la Caixa" Banking Foundation from 2015 to 2019.

He has been a member of several scientific boards, including Vall d'Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO), Institute of Global Health (ISGlobal); Institute for AIDS Research (IrsiCaixa), Barcelonaβeta Brain Research Center (BBRC), Center for Genomic Regulation (CRG) and Business and Climate.