Science&Business Forum

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The FCRi promotes the Science & Business Forum, which works with professionals and organisations to present a wide range of research projects to targeted business sectors and markets.

The forum underlines the commitment of the FCRi to market-focused science, encouraging links between science and industry and fostering entrepreneurial synergies between researchers and the business world.

Our aim is to create connections between cutting-edge participants from both sides, including entrepreneurs, investors, scientists and academics.

The core of the forum is a series of short presentations about business opportunities. These give a voice to everyone from consolidated companies and start-ups selected by experts to academic projects with real-world potential.

The message is this: today’s research trends are tomorrow’s bottom line, and they should be given a forum.

Key aims of the Science & Business Forum:

  • To raise awareness of research market potential for entrepreneurs in Catalonia.
  • To enhance entrepreneurs’ perceptions regarding the excellence of Catalan research.
  • To connect the private sector with investment potential and public research groups and/or science-based entrepreneurial projects.


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